I like the way you Like is a three-channel installation exploring the variety of social and physical worlds connected by the supply chain of mobile phones. It traces the entanglement where the mining of conflict (blood) minerals, the state of technological industry and the everyday use of mobile phones coexist.

Film Available as a Ltd Edition 1/3 + AP, the edition comes with an artefact from the set.
Photographic Stills Available, single editions signed by the artist. 
Enquiries: bec@rebeccaagnew.com

Channel 1, HDV 9 minutes 11 seconds
Deep in the jungle, humanoid workers play out an endless cycle of conflict and struggle. When Cam the Minor Miner becomes ill from exposure to toxic minerals, they entrust a healer to find for a cure. In the meantime a machete–wielding worker fights off a Hydra of serpent birds of paradise.
Channel 2 , HDV 2 minutes 12 seconds
Set in a disco, a disenfranchised man reflects on life before the rapid globalisation of the cultural economy.
Channel 3, HDV 1 minutes 34 seconds
An armless woman sits on her bed speaking seductively of her love of technology, an implication of her ‘click farm’ or ‘like factory’ that allows her social status